Monday, August 03, 2009

Photo walk : 2 Aug '09

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Since the weather was excellent yesterday, I decided to head down to the city once more for a photo walk.

Some of the shops at Collins Street have a rich heritage, and I haven't even gone into any of them yet!

One of my pals tried the free wireless internet at Fed Square, and its reaaaly slow. Hmmm, I wonder who's hogging the bandwith.

Since the sky was sublimely blue, I decided to give my wide angle eye a work out.

I like how the transparency of the atrium at Fed Square contrasts with the typical opaque panels on the facade.

I then headed to Birrarung Marr, to have another look at the attractions there. I suppose this would be a childrens' art center.

I'm sure the Giant Sky Wheel has an amazing view from the top, but I reckon its a little too expensive for me to ride it.

Some interesting facts of the Federation Bells from Wikipedia

"The Federation Bells on the middle terrace, commissioned in 2001, are a collection of inverted temple-style bells of various sizes mounted on steel poles. The result is not unlike a collection of church bells, however they are spread through an open space rather than being confined to a tower, allowing people to walk between them. There are thirty-nine bells in total, with a combined weight of 1.2 tonnes."

"Tuned in the just intonation method, the bells are controlled by computer, and play seven different compositions, each lasting for five minutes. This sound sculpture plays three times a day. The bells were designed by Neil McLachlan, and their arrangement and supporting structure was designed by Ronald Jones and architects Swaney Draper."

Shooting against the sun makes metering really challenging, but if properly applied, it can have some really cool effects.

The trees are bare during winter.. I look forward to spring when their leaves start to appear.

Normally, you would expect heaps of parents and children to be playing here around this time, but unfortunately, the facilities are quite under-used.

The 10 meter high Angel sculpture was moved here from the National Gallery of Victoria in 2006.

I reckon the sculpture really fits this place. I like it!

Another revision of the boat houses across the river: this time at 14mm (35mm equivalent).

I normally wouldn't peer up the ass of a horse, but I guess this time, its excusable. Otherwise, this method could be used as a last resort...

Good day! ^^


AnandaSim said...

You came up with two really good shots - the merry go round cup and the arching art piece with the sky. The others I found lonely - on the other hand, the shots you made with us on the 1st had a feeling of emotional warmth - it's interesting how this affects your work.

Snow said...

i love the skys.
nice to have u back lalala~~

Paul said...

nice wide angle shots ^_^

Anonymous said...

Very impressive photos! I like them all! Especially dramatic wide..asfan


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