Sunday, August 16, 2009

The University of Melbourne Open Day 2009

Since there was so much hype about Melbourne University's Open Day advertisements, I made my way to uni today [16 Aug 09] to see for myself what the fuss is all about. It was a blisteringly windy day too, but it didn't deter the crowds from coming in droves.

I wasn't dissapointed :) The university has definitely put in more effort this year to attract more students. I must have stunned this poor fellow with my flash.

A common sight at each booth : name tags, colourful brochures, stationery, sweets, etc.

Each faculty has a different coloured balloon. The school of Environments (which I am in ) is orange.

Some undergraduate student work was displayed.

The MSD (melbourne design school) students printed out a large map of Melbourne in one of the rooms.

I do not know what was its purpose, but it looks interesting.

A balsa wood model.

Dr. Paolo Tombesi explaining the entry requirements of the Melbourne Design School to a prospective student.

There was a pop corn booth on the ground floor of the archi building. How awesome is that?

Freshly barbequed sausages to warm our hungry stomaches... yumm

I also made my way to the other tents around campus.

The veterinary booth. I think the skull on the right is a pig's.

The Baldwin Spencer building was packed to the brim. There was hardly enough space to walk around.

The young apprentice sits beside his dad.

The staff at the booths were quite friendly and helpful.

The student volunteers hand out bags and point the crowd to their specific destinations.

Most of them had to stand outdoors in the cold rain. I admire their diligence :)

Interested to learn viticulture? Its available at the Melb Uni Dookie campus.

In my opinion, I guess two days of Open Day would be more satisfactory to allow visitors to fully explore the campus. I reckon this open day has been a smashing success. ^^

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Snow said...

it seems i missed a lot yesterday><
good to see from here ;D
taking shots for ppl is fun!
i got lots of comments for each pic,, too much to type><


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