Tuesday, August 18, 2009

photo walk : 18 aug 09

Managed to catch up with Dave today for a walk around the city, but specifically Croft Alley, which is off Little Bourke.

Being a ''proper'' alley, it has heaps of broken beer bottles, card board boxes, unpleasant smells, etc etc, but we were pretty used to it.

Dave has said that the alley hasn't changed the last time he went there (which is about a year ago).

Its a pity that the ''proper'' graffiti is is being constantly overlaid with the destructive ones.

Dave in action with his EP-1

Typical Chinese restaurant signage in Little Bourke.

We also stopped by Spark Lane (at the southeast corner of the CBD), but there was unfortunately no graffiti there.

Some additional graffiti in ACDC lane, off Flinders Lane.

There are heaps of elegant cafes along Flinders Lane.

I'm also slotting in some pics I took the evening before in Melbourne Uni.

The Quadrangle has a different feel in the evenings.




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