Thursday, November 12, 2009

The advent of Christmas

Today was quite warm, so I thought I might as well go out of the house and do some photo walking.

Yep, this is Melbourne at 730pm. Still pretty bright eh? You betcha!

Rush hour is still in progress, but most of the office folk have gone home.

I rushed to the Yarra and set camp there. A boat carrying some rowdy school kids passed by. They must be really enjoying themselves.

It took another long wait for the sun to finally set and the city lights to be brought out to their full splendor.

The ferris wheel does its own business as usual at Birrarung Marr.

Somehow, the night sky looks more enticing to the west compared to the east sky. Hmm..

I'm currently practising some ''creative'' night photography techniques after watching a DVD tutorial. Hopefully the lessons would get me somewhere eventually.

Bourke St Mall is brightly lit up with a belt of LCD lights to usher in the Christmas shopping season.

And here we have it, the current mascots for the Christmas windows in Myers. The piglet looks lovely, doesn't she?

The family of piglets eagerly place cookies and milk at the fireplace for Santa.

This exhibit is well worth the visit, so do pop by if you go along Bourke Street. It will be there for almost two months, so there's almost no reason for any Melburnian to miss it, unless you don't give a damn of course.




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