Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Photowalk 25 Nov 09 : Docklands

Did a short photo walk at Docklands today.

This is 8pm, yet the sun is still brightly shining in the sky. The moon is peeking out a little in the sky too. A wonderful and cool sunny day.

I love it when the sun's long and soft shadows appear on the footpath.

Crossing the bridge over the railway tracks to Docklands.

Finally I reach Docklands, and the sun is just setting over the horizon.

There's lots of partying going on in the sheds to the right. I would like to try it one day with a couple of friends I guess.

The apartments at Docklands. Word got around that the insulation in these apartments are not to specifications because the developer rushed the job. Never ever take for granted that new apartments have good workmanship, even from 'reputable' developers.

The sun has set and the sky has a very nice purple tint.

A closer look at the NAB complex.

There's less light in the sky, hence its easier to do the ''silky water'' effect.

With even less light it gets tougher to even out the exposure, hence more risk of blown out highlights. Shooting RAW helps in this case, but with Olympus RAW files, you won't get that much exposure latitude anyway, compared to Nikon or Canon RAW files.

Thats all for now folks. Thanks for looking !



AnandaSim said...

Aah, another memorable and thoroughly enjoyable. Unusual perspectives, particular looks that are not always there and nice colours.

aLz said...



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