Saturday, November 07, 2009

Melbourne Cup Parade

Today being the last day of a fantastic week of horse racing in conjunction with the Melbourne Cup, I guess it is fitting for me to present some images I took during the Melbourne Cup Parade last Tuesday along Swanston Street.

There were lots of bystanders gathering along the sidewalks half an hour before the race began. Some of these folks have come from other Australian cities, such as Perth and Sydney.

Some pre-show entertainment involving men in grey suits on bicycles.

Obviously, not everyone appears to be happy, like this parade attendant.

Police horses area are a common sight during parades, but there's one caveat. They poop liberally on the streets in large quantities, which is why the roads are disinfected after the parade. Not a pretty sight :s

School bands are a common sight.

Kids on ''horses''. How adorable.

Finally, a glimpse of the coveted Melbourne Cup. For years, the honorable Bart Cummings got the chance to hold the cup, but as we know this year, it was awarded to someone else. Better luck next year, perhaps.

Past champions are usually brought out to showcase them to the public. The actual race horses aren't, of course. They're pretty prone to heat stroke, and their owners would like them to be prepared as  much as possible before race day.

Subzero, an old horse which won the cup back in 1992. Rumors say this horse is to be put down since its medical treatments were considered too expensive to upkeep.

Anthony Cummings, the son of Bart Cummings saying a little word to the press alongside jockey Mark Zahra. I guess this is one of the only sports in Australia where being slim, small and light is a very good thing. A few kilos does make a difference in order to ensure your horse will win the cup.

Some lucky kids also get to ride in the Lexus coupes together with their family members.

Performer on stilts.

Australia's own cowboys from Mansfield High Country

Closeup of a police horse

After the parade, there was a Q &A session with the jockeys and trainers at Fed Square. The crowd was naturally ecstatic to get some free signatures.

I can sure you everyone was having a good time, though this guy appears as if he was choking to death with the sheer amount of publicity.

Thats all for now folks.



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