Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The University of Melbourne ~ summer '09

I've been doing photowalks in the city for quite a while now, much to the point where I think a new environment would suit me well to ease my boredom. So I took some time to walk around Melbourne Uni, alone as usual, where I was fully tuned and sensitive to my surroundings. With the E-3 in hand along with the 12-60 and 7-14, I set on my journey into places which are familiar, yet strangely alien at the same time without the usual chaotic chatter and mass of university students. (Its due to the exam season, of course).

The Medical building. A good many of my friends taking this course have walked through its doors, hopefully to to be a Medical specialist / researcger in the future. Shaped roughly like a "shuriken" in plan, this building does look a little long in the tooth. Considering medicine is one of the university's fortes, its high time that this building should get replaced!

The Gatekeepers' Cottage along Grattan street. It's still in use by the current security guards that work for the university after some additional renovations.

Lawns are essential for university students to sit down and have some lunch, chat, sunbathe, study, and sometimes even make out. Note that this is mostly relevant for Aussie students; Asians usually like to stay within the confines of the faculty library and enjoy the aircond in this summer heat.

The Old Quadrangle. A popular place for graduation photos, due to its sandstone finish. Makes one look smart I reckon.

The Old Quadrangle is connected to the Old Arts building on the left. The clock tower was once the most
imposing structure all around uni, until folks started constructing higher buildings.

Going around the corner leads you to Cussonia Court. Sorry, I don't have green hands, so you may read the captions for yourself here.

Viewing South Lawn from the Gothic arches of the Old Quadrangle.

Though the cloisters are actually well used, most of us don't exactly know what goes in the buildings which are  not specifically our faculties. I guess folks like me definitely need more time to explore the uni!

The Raymond Priestly Building where Student Administration is located. If you're a new student, you'll almost definitely be directed here to do some paperwork. The large arches function very well is wind tunnels, so don't be surprised to get blown away if its quite windy!

The Union House and Concrete Lawn, where most of us hang out for lunch with some mixed rice, sandwiches or pizza in hand. Uni food is still relatively cheap to the ones in the city, though there will be some exceptions.

The Alice Hoy building which is part of the Faculty of Education. Most of the Fotoholics meetings were held here this year.

The Sidney Myer Asia Center. It still is one of the most ''advanced'' buildings comissioned by the University and designed by Nonda Katsalidis architects.

The atrium space between the ERC library and the Doug McDonell building has been sheltered with a very expansive glass roof.

A glimpse of the rooftops of the 1888 building as seen from the ERC libary.

The Frank Tate building which (once) housed Bullwinkles, my favourite stationery shop on campus. The small prayer hall inside is still actively in use. You could get the cheapest meals on campus there - 3 bucks for a packet of Malaysian nasi lemak or curry rice.

Brick as a very modular building material is used quite actively for most of the buildings built around the 70s - 80s.

The 1888 building, as viewed right next to the Arts Center. It definitely still retains its character and beauty despite being built a century earlier than the Arts Center next to it!

Flowers are in full bloom, and many fine specimens may be found in the University's gardens.

If you're lucky enough to stay near to the University grounds, walking to class is definitely a healthier (and cheaper) option. Eating centers also abound around the university, eg. KFC and Subway, but the Italian restaurants of Lygon Street are just a short walk away.

Two of the most popular faculties housed in magnificent buildings; the Economics and Commerce building on the left while the Law Building is on the right.

For those who havent' returned to their Alma Mater for a while, this is what she looks like in Summer 2009.



AnandaSim said...

The best I have seen for a long while from you. I can see the sense of personalisation, of you bonding with the subjects. The flower is Acapanthus - hardy, propagates like anything, difficult to kill because of the bulbs / rhizome network under the soil. I've got lots in my garden that ooverflow from the beds.

dito said...

Lovely shots
I like the Cusiona Court best... The angle is just amazingly draw me into it

UniGuy said...

Nice shots Brandon. The Gatekeeper's Cottage was actually the Provost's Office back in 2009 - not a security post. As of 2012 it houses the President of the Academic Board and in 2013 it will house an Engagement unit.


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