Monday, November 23, 2009

Fotoholics Casual Outing

I had the opportunity to join a Fotoholics outing yesterday (Saturday) at Docklands and Flagstaff Gardens. It was quite casual, so we had some freedom in terms of the shooting process with the models.

*I am by no means experienced at portraiture. I just do my best, and hope the results will speak for themselves later!

Setting up the wireless strobes.

Mikael is quite an experienced hand at modelling, having experienced full day shoots before.

There was some variety at Flagstaff gardens, despite the limitations which I initially planted in my mind regarding the venue.

I reckon I haven't been able to pull out the best expressions from Nicole yet, but hopefully I'll get another chance in the near future.

Stephanie was handed a teddy bear as a prop, which she used to good effect.

I got Jesica to pose with the white sculptures at Docklands.

Despite the past Fotoholics presidents being Canon shooters (do I sense a monopoly here? ), most peeps on Saturday were using the big N  ;)

Some more shots of Mikael with the city as a background. Too bad there's not much sky content, but at least the light's somewhat diffused.

When Mr. President arrived, things became better in terms of lighting. Of course it could still be improved, but that softbox is definitely much better than my on-camera flash.

A final pose from Mikael to end this [amateur-ish] series.

Cheers !



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