Friday, November 06, 2009

Photowalk 5 Nov 09

Tried to do some landscape work today with the 7-14 and took advantage of the fact that the sun sets really late, around 8pm.

Melbourne Exhibition Center with the stylish footbridge leading to it.

The sun casts the last of its golden rays upon the city before it retires for the day.

The city skyscrapers loom in the distance, with the sun's rays reflecting off their metalic bodies.

At 7pm. the fires of Crown Casino never fail to roar (except when its raining I guess). The sound is quite audible all around the river bank. Unless you're deaf, you won't miss it.

Tried to approach the Convention Center from a more dynamic angle. Hopefully I've succeeded.

Once again, the bridge across the Yarra River adjacent to the Convention Center looks brilliant at night.

If there's one thing I've learnt from reading "Perfect Digital Photography", its manually setting the white balance to retain natural colours, despite Olympus having a very good auto white balance feature on its recent SLRs.

Approaching this bridge from an interesting point of view definitely needs a keen set of eyes, and an ultra wide lens (or any other lenses) to match!

As the skies get darker, it gets tougher to balance out the exposure between the sky and the illuminated object, hence the burnt out highlights. When it reaches this stage, I normally stop what I'm doing and head home. I don't really fancy photographing pitch black skies.


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Ms.Teh said...

Well done!keep it up~


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