Saturday, November 14, 2009

Johnny Diesel @ Victoria Market

In conjunction with summer, the management of Queen Victoria Market has hosted some public concerts every first Sunday of the month. Their opening show for the whole season is by prominent Australian musician, Johnny Diesel.

Diesel is no stranger to the Australian music scene. He has two number one Australian hit albums and is the brother-in-law of Jimmy Barnes, another Australian rock singer.

The pride of almost every rock singer is his guitar, and Diesel is no exception. He brought several of his "babies" out during the whole course of the show.

His co-singer plays the bass really well.

Born in Massachusetts, Diesel emigrated with his family to Perth and earned a living at a gas station. Fortunately, his musical background propelled him forward and he made a decision to pursue music full time in 1981 with the electric guitar as his main instrument. What followed next is history.

Two years later, he formed a small band: Johnny Diesel and the Injectors. When they moved to Sydney, the band caught the eye of Jimmy Barnes, and a long, fruitful working relationship between Diesel and Barnes continues till the present.

Johnny Diesel and the Injectors released five singles from 1987-89, and among the top 40 hits were "Crying in Shame" and "Looking for Love". They were consequently awarded with the Best Selling Album of the year and Best New Talent in the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) awards in 1990.

His ARIA trophies didn't end there. In the 1992 ARIA Awards, he was awarded the Best Album and Best Male Artist following the success of his album, Hepfidelity. Several other popular singles emerged, such as "Tip of My Tongue". In 1993, he released the album "Lobyist" and won the Best Male Artist award consecutively. By 1998, Diesel had sold 800,000 albums and won nine awards.

Diesel 's most recent albums are Hear (2002), Coathanger Antennae (2006) (#23 Australia) and Days Like These (2008) (#17 Australia). He continues to write songs and actively tours the country with his many performances and gigs.

Live on Diesel, You Rock!

Info appropriated from Wikipedia Article: Johnny Diesel


zharif said...

your photos look nice.. you are an Olympus user right? what model are using?

brandon said...

Thanks. I'm using the Olympus E-3.


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