Friday, November 20, 2009

Restaurant review : Hwaro, 562 Little Bourke St, Melbourne

I visited Hwaro, a Korean barbecue restaurant at the corner of Little Bourke and King St last Tuesday in conjunction with a friend's farewell. The atmosphere is quite excellent compared to the dingy and small barbecue restaurants near where I live.

Side dishes are a must in every Korean restaurant, and kimchi is as important as rice to any Korean food enthusiast.

You can wrap the cooked meat in raw lettuce.

The raw meat is lovingly marinated in special Korean barbecue sauce. The dish in the foreground is beef spare ribs.

You normally eat the barbecued meat with rice, though its a bit of a small bowl in my opinion. There's chicken fillet in the dish on the right.

Placing some sliced pork belly on top of the barbecue pit..

Waiting for your food to cook can be a wonderful experience.

The waiters / waitresses are always very helpful to ensure your meat doesn't get burnt.

They'll even cut the meat for you into small, bite-sized pieces.

This is what the bigger picture looks like. Too bad the waitress was a bit shy to be photographed.

Once the food's ready, you are free to dig into it with your dainty, metal Korean chopsticks. Yummm..

As you eat, you can place additional meat on the barbecue pit.

The food and customer service in Hwaro is wonderful, but do be prepared to pay quite a fair amount for it ($30 approx) for a decent meal.




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