Sunday, November 29, 2009

[rainy] trip to Daylesford

I went to Daylesford with some friends on Saturday. We used two cars to get ourselves there in 1.5 hours from the city.

By the time we reached the visitor center in Daylesford, vast rain clouds were looming in the skies. Not a good sign for the rest of the afternoon :s

This is a typical Daylesford town street scene. I was amazed with the number of visitors to this town, much owing to its status as the ''spa center'' of Victoria.

Had some simple roasted chicken for lunch. Its the family pack, which includes a box of fries, gravy, peas and salad.

The Daylesford makers market was held in a small town hall, showcasing handicraft ranging from home made soaps to custom made Mac book cases.

Small weed growing at the entrance of the town hall.

The juggling street busker.

We then dropped by Paradise Bookshop just down the road. Its better than any Borders / MPH bookshop I've ever been to.

Upstairs is a never ending stock of ancient (aka. collectible) magazines, newspapers, music scores and comics.

There's even an Encyclopedia of Immaturity. Wow!

The Chocolate Mill is a favorite haunt for chocoholics due to its premium Belgium chocolate wards.

Over 90 types of chocolates are on display, which even cater for specific dietary requirements (eg. diabetics and lactose intolerant). I was just peeved off by the abundance of signs , eg.

No manners no chocolate. This applies to both Children and adults.
Do not lick the glass
Do not stand past this line.
Do not touch the chocolates
and so on and so forth.

Tried a slab of marble chocolate. It tastes really good and melts in your mouth! Yummm.. taste that Belgium goodness!

The milk chocolate tastes really good too.

We passed by a roadkill on the way to the chocolate mill, so we stopped by for a little while on the way back to take a closer look. It was crawling with maggots  :s

It was already pouring, so we stopped by Convent Gallery to have a look at some indoor attractions. Thank goodness we didn't pay the $5 entry fee, because the gift shop was really interesting to have a look at !

Herbal liquor.

The swear pig. Thank goodness I don't have one in my home, otherwise I'll be out of pocket money for a looong time.

This is quite interesting.

Retaining its former heritage, the premise is littered with Christian symbolism everywhere, such as this crucifix.

Mucking around with the sculpture at the entrance.

The finale was Lake Daylesford. Was the shortest visit ever (like 10 mins) because it started raining again! :s




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