Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Brazilian music @ Fed Square

After the ferry cruise, I wandered up to open space in Federation Square and was wondering what the noise was all about.

There was a Brazilian Music Festival happening, and several bands were playing.

The BossaNegra band was playing several nice jazz and bossa nova music

You could basically sit anywhere you wanted. The sun was a bit hot though

View of the stage from the front

It's my solo!

The sun got a bit too overwhelming, so I went over to the side and managed to get some closer shots

After them was the Melbourne Samba School (and I didn't even know one existed !)

Enthusiastic kids trying out the bass drum

They took some time to set up (I think about 20 mins). Oh yes, the speakers were turned up to MAX !

Introducing the band. The guy on the right comes is not even Brazilian ! (He's from Holland)

Getting warmed up

The accompanying percussionists. The instrument played by the guy on the right makes some interesting 'hiccup' sounds.

When the whole band came on board, the noise that they made was amazing ! Being in the front row does make you go deaf for a while

They sure know how to have a good time

The 4 drummer boys. Their hairstyles look so cool

Lets quiet down

The crowd was ecstatic. Some of them were dancing away to their hearts' content

They then got off the stage and marched around Fed Square. It was like a big school band

Of course, wherever the band was, the crowds followed.

I don't remember the name of this guy who owns the school, but whatever it is, Brazilian Samba rocks ! Long live Brazilian samba!



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