Thursday, January 03, 2008

What NOT to wish for Christmas

I saw this newspaper article in the Herald Sun on boxing day while we were having lunch at Mc D.

I had a triple beef burger for lunch. Personally, I dislike Mc D burgers because they are so... small, and hardly fills a hungry stomach.

This is the news link from the Herald Sun:

A MELBOURNE family's holiday plans were thrown into turmoil on Christmas Eve when their dog got his teeth into a pair of dentures.

Sandra Palmer, 59, had taken her false teeth out to clean them on Monday night when her mother's cheeky fox terrier, Jack, got hold of them just three days before they were to leave on an ocean cruise.

The now toothless woman was booked for a 13-day cruise to Noumea with her mother, Phyllis Pate, 84, and her grandchildren Shyra, 12, and Jazmyn, 11.

Ms Palmer tried to arrange a new set of dentures but couldn't find anyone to help during the Christmas period.

However the city jewellery store spruiker is adamant nothing will stop her from boarding the liner on Thursday, which will be the setting for her 60th birthday celebrations.

"That was their Christmas present and my combined 60th birthday and Christmas present," Ms Palmer said.

"I don't just want my two front teeth for Christmas, now I want my whole plate.

"I won't be eating much this Christmas," she joked.

"It's so embarrassing going anywhere with no teeth."

Her mother, Mrs Pate, said they were still holding out hope someone might be able to help them after they tried fixing the dentures themselves without much success.

"Sandra is a city spruiker and she's got to work tomorrow, but without her teeth it's going to be pretty difficult," Mrs Pate said.

"We've had a bit of a good laugh about it, though, and we'll be going on that cruise regardless."

Mother and daughter were keeping the Christmas spirit alive yesterday and put a positive spin on their unusual situation.

"It could be worse," Mrs Pate said. "Our Christmas lunch was very, very nice."

The poor dog doesn't seem to be happy. Serve him right.



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