Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Visit to Melbourne Aquarium

These are some pics I took at the Melbourne Aquarium. Tip: If you want to receive a 20% discount off the adult ticket [its $20 after discount], grab yourself an official visitors' guide from the visitor center at Federation Square.

A camouflaged cuttlefish

An octopus guarding her eggs.


This is a freakin' huge trout. It weighs at least 200 kg!

This is one of my favourite pics - a prawn feeding

Half lizard, half fish

Snapping turtle

These worms look delicious - kinda like 'mee goreng' (fried noodles)

I am so not convinced by their 'Lost Island' theme. What is it with the the skeleton lying on top of the aircraft?!

Baby shark

This sea snake and stingray are getting comfy with each other

This is an upside-down jellyfish. Its also one of my fav pics.

Giant japanese spider crab

Here come the sharks!- its a large nursing shark. Don't worry, they only scavenge for dead food and don't attack humans.

They have a nice viewing area for the fish. Its interesting how the person describes each of them with their names and 'personalities'.

This shows how thick the glass for the aquarium is - 160mm thick!


Anonymous said...

love the pics thanks for the tip on the 20% off

Anonymous said...

Great Pics and once again thanx for the discount tip. Regards.


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