Thursday, January 10, 2008

Werribee Park

After visiting the Werribee Zoo, we made our way to Werribee Park.

The complex contains a spectacular 1870s mansion, 10 hectares of formal gardens, natural riverine area, farmyard, a contemporary sculpture exhibition and the Victoria State Rose Garden.

The garden is so huge, that we couldn't even see the mansion from the front gate of the park. I think this garden is even more beautiful than the Royal Botanic Gardens in the city.

I was excited when I got a peak of the mansion from the footpath...

When the mansion finally appeared in full view, it was like a fairy tale


Overall view. The new extension is on the right.

One of the green houses

Closer view of the original wing

One could look out for the hunting parties that return with their spoils from the top of the tower.

The corridors twist and turn, so sometimes its rather confusing

The interior of the rooms are rather gloomy as each of them only had one main window

A grand staircase greets you from the main door

At the top of the staircase landing is this small 'art gallery'. The door at the end leads to the balcony.

View of the flowers from the balcony

The new wing has been refurbished to house a cafe on the ground floor

This is an exquisite billiard room, with lots of old paintings and animal trophies (eg tiger and bear rugs).

This is how toilets looked like 100 years ago

Rear view of the mansion

The farms are located to the rear of the property.

One of the nicer looking farm houses.

I couldn't resist taking another photo as we were leaving the mansion.

As we exited the property, the Victoria State Rose Garden appears before you.

There is a little pavillion at the center of the rose garden.

These are some macro shots of the plants at the car park area.

We then had dinner at the Pacific Seafood Bbq House on 8/240 Victoria St, Richmond. The place serves Hong Kong style dishes, and it was so full that we had to wait for 15 minutes to be seated.

The roast duck here is very tasty. ($11.50 takeaway, $14 dine in)

Pork spare ribs with champagne sauce ($17). The battered ribs are deep fried, and drizzled with a sauce is made from champagne and honey.

Since its so popular, bookings are recommended.
Tel: (03) 9427 8225



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