Thursday, January 10, 2008

Werribee Open Range Zoo

Yesterday, Kay Weng, Jason and I went to the Werribee Open Range Zoo. We wanted to take the bus ride from the Arts Center ($25) but we finally settled for public transport ($10.50 for daily Zone 1+2 ticket).

Of course, we saved $15, but getting to the zoo was longer too (1.5 hours instead of 0.5 hours).

This is the Meerkat Bistro and Function Center

It is obviously named after these cute and adorable creatures

I don't know what this one was up to, but it 'abandoned' its efforts after a minute.

Some nice plants at the entrance

You can take the Safari rides by sitting on these buses.

First stop - the bisons from the American plains

This is how bison fur look like. The American Indians use it for all sorts of things, from making blankets to pillows

The ancient Mongolian horse. They're appear to be quite small, and I wonder how Genghis Khan would look like sitting on it.


We are looking into a 'valley' where all the animals are feeding

Some female rhinos and zebras resting from the heat

Getting up close to the zebras

The good ol' African cow. They are not domesticated, as you can judge from the length of those horns

I'm sleepy

The lion feeding sessions were at 2 pm

Imagine a hungry-looking lioness just looking at you like this

Some hippos in the water

Suddenly one huge hippo came out to the water from nowhere

We went along the Volcanic plains walk to see the kangaroos, but all we saw was a group of emus.

Coming up next... the Italianate-style mansion at Werribee Park



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