Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ferry Cruise down the Yarra River, Melbourne

It was a really sunny day in Melbourne last Sunday.

I wanted to explore Melbourne's Waterfront attractions, and the cheapest way to do so is by using the Yarra River Shuttle Service. It only operates on Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays from 10am-8pm. The shuttles arrive every 30 minutes.

After church, a group of us went for lunch at King of Kings, corner Little Bourke and Russell Street.

Roast chicken with egg chiffon on rice

Bbq pork with egg chiffon on rice (AUD 7.50)

I did not know there is a market held at the Arts Center every Sunday

These are mini cacti. The diameter of their pots are only 20mm. AUD 3.50 each.

View of the footbridge towards the CBD.

I got on the ferry at the Southgate stop.

It is very near to the Eureka Tower.

Passing underneath the Queens bridge.
The bridges spanning across the Yarra are really low, so much so that the gap between the bottom of the bridge and the top of the ferry was about 30cm only.

Passing by Crown Casino

View of Spencer Street Bridge, with the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention bridge on the right.

The Webb Bridge, Docklands by DCM Architects

5 apartment towers at Yarra's Edge

Leaving white froth behind in the Yarra

Passing directly underneath the Bolte Bridge. It is massive !

We made a u-turn at Bolte Bridge to turn into Victoria Harbour

I got off at Waterfront City stop.

View towards Telstra Dome from the harbour

This is how the ferry looks like

The place was teaming with people in the restaurants and walking along the water front.

An interesting sculptural assembly.

They have lots of nice apartments along New Quay and Waterfront City. I'm sure it will be wonderful to own one of these and have a spectacular view of Victoria Harbour.

Please feel free to comment on any of my posts and pictures. Cheers!


Lynnwei said...

superb! u sure know how to enjoy!

erm....i've changed blog!!! do drop by when u're free!

brandon said...

Hi lynn wei,

Thanks for the link, I think you've given it to me before. Hope ur enjoying urself too.




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