Thursday, January 03, 2008

Visit to Falls Creek Part 11

After visiting the mountains, we then went to the nearby Rocky Valley Dam.

The sky was quite cloudy that day.

Can you see the little ant?

At the water edge

A little creek

View from the end of the pontoon.

Some guy unloading his boat. It wasn't an easy job doing it by himself.

His kids were patiently waiting inside the boat while their dad parked the car.

For dinner, we went to a TAB bar.


Pasta with chilli. Looks more like a stirfry to me.

bruschetta topped with salmon

I had the best of the lot - lamb shanks with mashed potatoes. It was awesome!

After dinner, we stopped by the Albury Botanical Gardens.

I like this garden because it is small (so you don't have to walk so far) and well laid out with lots of different plant types.

Art thou prettier than a summers' rose?



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