Friday, September 25, 2009

Appreciating Australasian art

Today was the 2009 Toyota AFL Grand Final Parade in the city. Rather than showing you images of a parade that was ruined by cold and rainy weather, allow me to show you some Australasia art work from the National Gallery of Victoria in Federation Square.

Oh yes, before I forget, I had a massive bowl of chicken and beef noodles for lunch. Now on the the artwork...

I was astounded by the complexity and uniqueness of some of the sculptures displayed. I've never really involved myself in this art, even till today.

This abstract painting is titled "The Last Supper"

Valuable silverware engraved on emu eggs. Notice how intricate and detailed they are.

I didn't expect some paintings in the aboriginal gallery to be this large (since they originally painted on tree bark, animal hide and caves).

The echidna is an insect-eating critter that is native to Australia.

Aboriginality victorious. Perhaps that should appropriate this art work to describe Malaysian politics.



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