Sunday, September 20, 2009

Photo walk : 19-20 Sept 09

A friend from Tasmania came over on Saturday morning, so I decided to bring him out for a 'tour'. He left Melbourne 5 years ago.

I have never seen so many listerine bottles on display before.
There was a small art display in the Flinders street subway. Its quite interesting how they can use the plastic chassis of products as art pieces themselves.

Reminds me of the Michellin mascot and Gundam toys I used to had (until mum threw them out).

Electric shavers in various colours.

This dog's name is Rory, and he lives in East Brunswick.

I took the 7-14 out for a spin since the skies were marvelously blue.

The blue sky is so amazing, that at times I do take it for granted.

It rained the day before, so traces of rainwater still remain.

The new pedestrian bridge at the Melbourne Convention Center.

Even in the laneways, flowers are blooming beautifully.

Grafitti at Rankins Lane. Nothing much has changed since I last visited it unfortunately.

Here's a great idea on what you can do with your old, unwanted bicycle.

Our traffic lights are organised so haphazardly, that its a shame when you take a closer look.

Got a Sandisk 16 gb Extreme 3 CF card today and a set of Eneloops. Hopefully it'll be enough to bring me through the wedding I'm covering this Saturday.




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