Saturday, September 19, 2009

OCF Carlton Mission Week

OCF Carlton hosted its second mission week last night. Though attendance could've been better, its been one of the best organised events so far in my opinion.

We had a forum consisting of 5 speakers from different mission organisations, along with 2 OCF members.

It was a very encouraging and enlightening discussion, to say the least. People weren't afraid to convey their questions to the speakers regarding various aspects of christian mission.

The speakers too, were quite honest, and openly shared their experiences in the mission field, whether it was local or international.

During this time, I tried to produce black and white photos straight from the camera. Yes, they're grainy, and they're not the best, but I'm quite pleased with the results.

Despite using maximum contrast (+2) in camera, I still needed to add contrast in post processing as it still looked a bit 'flat'.

The other aspect was to focus correctly (the camera's AF is a bit fiddly) and press the shutter during the right expressions.

The speakers definitely had some fun too!

Concluding song after the forum.

The missionaries brought plenty of material to be read, but I reckon we could've made better use of them.

The supper tonight was better than usual. Home baked cookies, sweet cakes, etc.

In the middle of supper, I was 'summoned' to take a group pic of the english class. They're a cool bunch.

Baby-sitting is an important aspect during OCF.

Various literature displayed on the tables.

This event was certainly a sucess. I hope it would be as good next year.




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