Saturday, September 12, 2009

Post Melbourne Day celebrations

After the morning event at Enterprize Park, I joined Dave and Ananda for a shoot in the afternoon.

Our destination was the replica of the Enterprize ship which was at Docklands, but we enjoyed ourselves at some the park nearby.

I like this photo alot: I shall name it "Two frogs among the reeds".

The city council has attempted to plant more grenery among the tall office towers. I'm not so sure if its actually working.

The city circle trams ply faithfully along their specified routes everyday from 10am - 6pm.

NAB bank, Docklands. This is one specific characteristic of the Zuiko 7-14 lens which I love - self polarised skies without a polariser!

Luxury yachts and ships line the docks as we walk along its banks.

At last, the Enterprize ship.

We only stayed for a short time, as Dave had some other obligations to perform at home.

Joined Ananda for tea at an Indonesian place at the corner of Franklin and Elisabeth St. He tried the yong tau fu. Not bad, it seems.

I had the mixed bbq rice. The dish wasn't bad; its just that in Malaysia, I can get it for 5 times cheaper.

I've returned Ananda his 50/1.4 Minolta manual focus lens. He loves to play with it on the E330 using the live view function.

The next day before Melbourne Fashion Week, went for a walk alont Southbank with Zaven and Arnold, two of my fourthirds enthusiasts.

Didn't really take anything much, except just to show the ZD 14-35 has a relatively shallow DOF.

Thats all for now, adios.

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AnandaSim said...

Hi Brandon,
I'm waiting for some sun to get out and shoot with the legacy lenses. The photo you shot of my E-330 is fitted with the 28mm f/2.5 Tamron Adaptall 2 manual focus.


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