Sunday, September 20, 2009

Juwita Suwito live with Orchestre Nouveau

Had a blast tonight with Orchestre Nouveau in association with Alarice and Juwita Suwito. The event was held in the Champions Ballroom, Arrow on Swanston.

Media release:

Malaysian indie pop powerhouse Juwita Suwito's Australian Tour for the spring of 2009 culminates in a concert with Orchestre Nouveau in Melbourne on September 19. This concert will also feature fast-rising Singaporean-Aussie singer/songwriter Alarice who recently released her debut EP ‘Songs for a Season’.

Juwita has sold more than 10 thousand albums since her 2004 debut, with an Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) award under her belt. She and her music have travelled extensively, hitting the airwaves of The Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Brunei and Australia.

Juwita and Alarice will be backed with an ensemble of 37 orchestral and band musicians, under the direction of Melburnian orchestral conductor Zach Tay. Original orchestral arrangements written by rising young composers Anthony Williams and Thaddeus Huang.

Juwita's honest, heartfelt songwriting and singing will be brought to another level on that night, when treated with the lush, wide array of colors made available from a full band and classical orchestra.

Alarice sound checks her performance.

The talented Zach Tay, conductor of Orchestre Nouveau.

Nice group photo before the concert.

The hall was packed, but not too overwhelming. There were enough seats from everyone.

As Juwita Suwito steps in, the main performance begins.

Juwita is very passionate when she sings; its as if you're transported to another world when she sings her best hits, such as 'You in me' and 'Breathing again'. Pictures and youtube videos won't do much justice. You just gotta watch her perform live!

The multi coloured lights and smoke machines make an ethereal atmosphere for the concert.

Alarice and Juwita teamed up for a final performance. Splendid!

Some group pics with the Orchestre Nouveau conductor.

Overall, a very splendid event. My appreciation goes out to everyone who have made this concert a success.


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AnandaSim said...

Good work. Very consistent quality and caught the moments well


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