Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Two steamboats

Was asked to join a last minute steamboat buffet dinner last Sunday on Peel St, when the weather was friggin' cold. Like all typical chinese buffets, you can have the spicy and normal chicken broth served together. At least it looks appetizing without even adding the ingredients inside.

The raw food looked fresh, but I guess my only gripe was the slow service. I reckon the management should hire more waiters :S

Fish balls and crab sticks. At least they do not have a funny chemical smell on it.

The seafood platter: some prawns, mussels and fish.

Vermicelli rolled into tight packages for suitable single-sized bites.

Adding the ingredients

The steamboat looks so good after you add all the raw ingredients inside and wait for it to boil.

Tasting the broth before eating.

The food is ready and we dig in.

Attended another steamboat with the BS group at Sharkfin House on Lonsdale St yesterday. Its cheaper, but I left with a lasting memory - a stomachache :S

Cracking eggs into the hotpot.

As you can see, buffets are a pretty messy affair.

We also celebrated Chris' birthday and had our first taste of dog.

Carving up the poor creature.

This is what was left of it. Yummy!

Perhaps we should be fined by RSPCA for animal cruelty ;)

The lesson? Sharkfin House is okay for its price, but for the inconveniences (maybe I just have a weak stomach), I'd rather avoid it for something else.




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