Friday, October 02, 2009

Fernando & Onna

It's such a privilege to witness a couple's life transform in a short time of 24 hours when they marry. Fernando and Onna granted me the opportunity to witness just that on their wedding day. In the midst of a very busy schedule filled with official ceremonies, Chinese traditions and entertaining guests, the joy of marriage prevails. This is a day for remembering all the beautiful things that have been and a day for looking forward to all the beautiful things yet to come...

Fernando & Onna: Congratulations on your wedding, and thank you for being such a wonderful couple!


Lance said...

Seems like the ZD 14-35 SWD served you well. Though I would say I would prefer some of the pictures to be a bit more saturated to give a colourful life feel, but thats just me =)

All in all, Good job pal!

Evelyn said...

Aww... The dolly on the cupcake at the first picture is so cute!! xD


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