Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Victorian Seniors' Festival

Before my trip to Brighton Beach, I stopped by Federation Square for the Victorian Seniors' Festival.

Lots of entertainment programmes were planned for the old folks.

And I must say, they look really happy. How they celebrate seniors' week here shines in comparison to what we do back home for them in Malaysia. Over here, its good food, good music, a fantastic atmosphere, and much much more~

Fitness instructor showing some basic exercises for the old folk. A far cry from the peaceful taichi exercises the my grandparents do back home.

Now thats a friendly looking dog.

Dance club for seniors. They're doing a Jewish dance that's normally held during weddings.

Alternative healing through 'qi', or body energy. The instructor's supposedly from Korea.

If you're for more sedentary activities, knitting can be a good option.

I love pastels. Makes me miss the days where I'd take art classes on the weekends.

Mahjong pieces.

They're probably one of the most senior jazz bands in Australia, but their music rocks!

Listening to the live music transports your mind back to the glamorous American dream in the 1940s.

The Fed Sq management was kind enough to provide seating to the old folk.

This couple dance with abandon! It's as if age never caught up with them.

Its a joy watching them dance, really. Its so nice to feel young even when you're this old!

Managed to knock off some shots with the 7-14 before heading off to the beach.

Boy, I love Melbourne's blue skies. If you're looking for a time to visit Melbourne, this is it!


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DonM said...

Brandon, I was also at the Seniors Festival, my first have really captured the spirit, well done..I will promote your blog to my friends @ U3A, cheers mate, excellent work..rgds..Don


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