Sunday, October 04, 2009

My birthday dinner

Had a nice dinner at Han Guuk Guan off Victoria Street yesterday. Just some pics to show you the good stuff they have on the menu. To save you the trouble of finding the details, here they are:

Han Guuk Guan
13A Victoria St, Melbourne
near the corner of Exhibition St

Korean noodles.

Seafood platter steamboat. Generally the ingredients were fresh, but I did find the crab meat a little flaky.

Side dishes are a must : Sweetened potatoes, beansprouts, some kind of jelly and kimchi (of course!)

Spicy chicken. Chicken pieces dipped in batter, deep fried and mixed with sweet chilli sauce.

Beef bulgogi - the typical korean stirfry. I was expecting the taste to be stronger, but oh well..

Celebrated with two other guys in OCF, with a twist on the birthday cake.

Our local mooncake promoter.

That's all folks. Laterzz..


AnandaSim said...

Happy birthday, man! So quiet about it, I should have found out. Are you 13 yet? Hehe. Give Kim a cuddle and here's to more great fun and photos.

Lance said...

Happy Birthday =)


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