Monday, October 12, 2009

Transe Express : Mischievous Bells

Melbourne was treated to a rare display of the arts last weekend with this show:

"at 9pm, just across the river at Alexandra Gardens, France's Transe Express takes Melburnians on a magical journey, 130 feet in the air as an orchestra of bell ringers is lifted skywards: a celestial carillon above the city."

Crowds gather around the superstructure as the performers begin the show.

After attaching themselves to the structure in their safety belts, stay start playing their instruments as they ascend to the heavens.

It looks exactly like an alien mothership from the heavens. Unfortunately, they didn't have the right sound effects to go with it! Otherwise I think it would look pretty awesome.

It must take a lot of nerves to play musical instruments from a place that high. I just wish I could get a view from the top of the crane of the whole performance!

Dots in the sky.

They used mostly bells for the melody, and percussions for the rhythm.

I had to visit the event twice to get some long exposure shots.

And I must say, it looks pretty cool ~

A closeup of the drummer.

The end of the show is marked by a fiery burst of red flares.

On the second night, a whole host of flares lit up Alexandria gardens after the ''space craft'' descended.

An absolutely wonderful performance. To those who also attended it, what are your thoughts about it? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.



Frisky Librarian said...

Spectacular (the show and your photos)! I went on Sunday night but I was a fair way back so it's nice to see some close up images.

schizilly said...

great performance. your photos even make it looks more amazing. cheers


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