Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Trip to Brighton Beach

Twas a beautiful day last Sunday, that Blake and I decided to pay a visit to Brighton Beach.

You couldn't ask for anything more: a nice sunny day for sunbathing, and cloudless blue skies.

At the far end of this park is a small bench which offers you the view you can see below.

The 14-35 unfortunately didn't offer much flexibility in terms of focal length. I should've perhaps brought along the 12-60 or 14-54 instead.

Obviously, I would've fared better if I had a tripod with me, but the UV didn't do much to reduce the haze for the city skyline, unfortunately.

Dogs are allowed to roam free around the beach, as long as they dont' poop everywhere.

I was expecting the beach houses to be much nearer to the Brighton Train Station, but as you can see, this is not obviously the case. The walk there seemed to take forever, and sand entered my shoes much more than I preferred.

Obviously, someone's done a good job of maintaining the paint on these houses.

The beach houses look deceptively simple, but because of their heritage status, they're ridiculously expensive pieces of real estate. I do not know of current market values, but they are at least $50 grand a piece!

Would you pay 50 grand for a shack that doesn't have a toilet, no insulation and no toilet? Perhaps the only consolation that you have is that it's right next to a magnificent beach.

This is a popular spot for wedding photographs and photoshoots. I saw no less than two bridal groups (with their own photographers) coming here for some shots.

It does make an otherwise expansive beach seem rather.. crowded. Not my cup of tea I guess.

Dropped by Croft Alley (corner Little Bourke & Russel streets) to see some new graffiti put in place. They look marvelous, don't they ?

I hope your weekend was also as eventful.


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robin said...

Please send some blue sky back to malaysia !!! I could use some for my KL shots.


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