Monday, October 26, 2009

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Center

Melbourne in spring is so full of life.

With its temperate weather, fresh air and blue skies, you can just simply fall in love with this place for the next couple of months, until winter arrives.

As you stroll along the Yarra River past Crown Casino, you will arrive at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibiton Center (MCEC); Australia's premier convention center.

It is a really vast area, and some of the attractions include the Hilton Hotel, DFO shopping mall and the Polly Woodside Maritime Museum.

This is the first phase of the project. The MCEC is on the right side of the image.

This is the Polly Woodside Museum. Work has been going on for a couple of years (more than 2 I believe), so it would not be open so soon.

A view of the whole complex. You can see a partially renovated section of the museum on the left in the form of the shed-like structure. They're retaining it for heritage purposes.

The interior of the Convention Center. Everything is still literally brand new.

Unfortunately when I was here, a security personnel chased me away, with the warning "No photos allowed". What a turn off.

When I was there, a "magic show" exhibition was in progress.

Superb workmanship befitting a venue that would be used for international events

There's hardly any folk around at this moment, but I can imagine it would be pretty crowded in the months to come.

The deep eaves should provide more than enough shading from the sun and rain.

Huge panes of glass are utilised to let in natural light and provide views of the Yarra and the city skyline.

An absolutely stunning bridge is situated next to MCEC.

It provides a very nice pedestrian link across the river.

There are lots of ways to cross this bridge. Other than walking, you can cycle or use roller blades. They do make an awful lot of noise when you don't do it in a subtle manner.

Thats all for now folks.


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