Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life will go on

In my limited earthly life, there are several things that I place my trust upon, and they define what I am.

One of which being my friends, or more specifically people whom I can depend on, and share my life with. Not that I am a very dependable person myself. I have failed many people, and even myself at some point in time.

Through a common hobby, I got to know a true friend, and we communicated quite regularly at one stage. He was someone whom I respect dearly and I regarded him as an elder brother. We shared our thoughts, ideas, visions and hopes for the future. I knew he was someone I could trust when times are tough.

Alas, times have changed. I feel as if I am being avoided like the plague, and an invisible animosity lies between us. The atmosphere is stifling. I try to mend bridges, but nothing seems to work. Okay, I behave foolishly sometimes, but I never expected things to turn out this way. I can ask "Why?" all day long yet never receive any answer.

Its time to pick myself and move forward. Life will go on.

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David Chua said...

I really like this shot! I like the colors, the movement, the mood! What actually happened between you and your friend. Could there be a 3rd person who might know something. Sometimes, a third party is a good source of information regarding what actually happened in situations like that. Let's communicate via email if you need a friend to talk to.


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