Thursday, October 15, 2009

Carlton Gardens with the ZD 7-14

With the advent of the standard grade ZD 9-18 lens, the ZD 7-14 has lost its attractiveness, mostly due to price factors. Only some remember that the 7-14 is the world's / Olympus' first 14mm equivalent, dual super aspherical, ultra wide, digitally optimised and weather sealed zoom lens.

In other words, I love it to bits~

Here are some images of the Royal Exhibition Building and Melbourne Museum in the Carlton Gardens vicinity. At 14mm (35mm equivalent), there's no other way to get such a wide field of view with any other fourthirds lens.

The 7-14 makes the most out a blue, cloudless sky, and turns these shots that would otherwise be pretty lifeless on a cloudy day into great ones. Its a brilliant example of the "self-polarised effect" due to the extreme wide angle nature of the lens.

The trees and grass are lush and green, hanks to the spring rains.

The Royal Exhibition building is still in active use, and at certain times of the year, the University of Melbourne books the whole venue for a few weeks. I guess thats how our exorbitant university fees are put to good use!

Alas, Melbourne is pretty rainy this week. I hope the blue skies will return soon~



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