Sunday, October 25, 2009

Black and white experimentations

A breath of fresh air is sometimes required when things become dull and mundane. Common tips include shooting film instead of digital, using a different lens etc. An essential advice I've received is to shoot in black and white.

When you don't rely on colour to let your photos speak to you, different strategies are required to obtain the best results. Today, the sun was high up in the afternoon sky, so I relied on the play of light and shadow, form, texture, composition etc. In short, you have to learn how to see in black and white when the world around you is full of colour.

Regarding the more technical aspects of black and white photography (channel mixers, split toning, use of filters), I am still foreign to these terms, so do excuse me if the results are less than optimal.

In the mean time, I'll still be using the E-3 to shoot my black and white images, but I have considered the option of acquiring a film camera and some manual focus lenses in the future.

Lady at a tram stop

I love the effect of the shadows cast on the granite floors by the delicate latticework.


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KayWeng said...

Black and White...

The ever interesting concept!


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