Sunday, October 18, 2009


Went on a random trip to Williamstown today. The last time I was here 3 years ago, my family was visiting me from Malaysia

Obviously nothing much has changed. The old canons are perpetually pointed towards the bay for eternity.

Seagulls, so called 'flying rats' were in abundance, feasting on the food scraps left behind by the tourists.

Williamstown ain't that far away from the city, and you can see the city skyline right across the bay.

Thousands of vessels were moored to the pier, their masts sticking like numerous matchsticks against the sky.

An old frigate is berthed at another pier, perhaps ever ready to defend the motherland in case a naval warfare breaks out.

As opposed to the earlier part of the afternoon, the skies today were really bleak, and the lack of contrast makes the picture look very flat. Hopefully I can return when the weather improves.

Yacht for sale. Dial 9*** 7777

Just as I was leaving, the sun appeared again for a brief moment. Seems like it likes to play hide and seek.

Grey skies go away, come again another day~



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