Thursday, September 17, 2009

MSFW 09: High Tea High Fashion

The second last day of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week showcased a glamorous event at Silk Road on Collins St: High Fashion High Tea.

At $35, this event is a little more pricey than the proper fashion shows at the Melbourne Town Hall, but at least there's some food to go around (albeit not much), and the opportunity to sip some cocktails. The venue (which operates as a night club) is really posh. Chandeliers and Micheangelo style paintings graced the ceilings, while a very prominent statue of a night on his horse formed the centerpiece of the bar which was stocked with all the alchoholic beverages you can imagine.

Most of the female atendees sipped tea, spread some jam on scones and had a good time socialising among themselves. It was quite noisy too.

I was extremely hopeful that a cocktail drink would be included in our tickets, but it wasn't so. The only free drinks were tea, milk and coffee. After an hour or so, we were whisked upstairs to spectate a 20 minute fashion show.


Gwendolynn showcased some elegant white dresses.


The colourful bracelets accompany the white dress quite well, but I reckon its a little too over the top as far as numbers are concerned.

Cyan Reign

Okay, this collection wasn't exactly appealing to me, but the idea of wrapping lace around their eyes made the style unique in its own way.


Glitter, and more glitter everywhere! I like this collection very much.

Saint Augustine Academy

Nicola Finetti


The last collection featured some lingerie designs from im.

Its not the most elegant lingerie collection I've seen myself, but it did draw plenty of attention.

Would I attend High Fashion High Tea next year? If the admission prices and fashion show maintain their standards, I would. Do note that tickets sell out really early, so its best to book it as soon as you receive word of it !


robin said...

I know I seldom comment on fashions, though I shoot lots of free shows... but but..
The giant rose on the upper chest of the last picture.. is seriously scary,

brandon said...

Lol.. dude, are you replying during your lunchbreak?

Yes, the rose is somewhat scary. If it was a bit smaller, I think it would fit pretty well with the dress.


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