Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Australian Idol Top 10 @ Fed Square

Australian Idol had their top 10 contestants perform at Federation Square today.

The venue was packed to the brim with school kids (because of the school break, of course). This is as far as I could zoom in with the 35-100. I could've brought the 50-200 to boost my range, but this was sufficient for me.

The MC was Ricki Lee, a prominent singer in previous Australian Idol seasons. If you guys were expecting a s*x goddess, I'm sorry to report that she's far from one currently.

Kate Cook presented some contemporary country singles.

Nathan Brake had a powerful voice, which is quite reminiscent of Guy Sebastian in my opinion.

The teacher, Toby Moulton's performance didn't really strike any vibes.

Hayley Warner with her scruffy voice presented songs in typical rock star flair.

Tim Johnston. Can't really remember what he sang though.

Kim Cooper presented Lady Gaga's "Just Dance"

Stan Walker does sound like a soul singer, but how is he to stand out remains to be seen.

James Johnston whom is still trying to find his direction sang the cliche "Drops of Jupiter"

Ricki Lee was very interested in Sabrina Batshon. She is supposedly the shortest Australian Idol to date.

Good things come in small packages, and Sabrina was there to prove that with her powerful vocals.

Scott Newnham presented "Kiss from a Rose" by Seal.

The idols waving goodbye to the crowd.

The skies were mostly cloudy today, so this is a rare glimpse of sunlight upon Parliament House this afternoon.

Todays' WTD shows us how to deal professionally with customers who are a pain in the ass.




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