Thursday, November 22, 2007

2007 Melbourne University Graduate Architecture Exhibition

The final year architecture students of the University of Melbourne had an exhibition of their work recently at A 'Beckett St. I must say that a lot of students put their effort into models this year, partly because of the university's acquisition of a laser cutter.

These things are large, heavy (at least 100kg) and pricey (probably >AUD10k).

With this machine, the possibilities are endless. You can build complicated 3d models like this one in a snap (you still have to glue and assemble them yourself of course).

The interior model of a building made from balsa wood. They are soft, easy to cut and costly too.

This project is commended for its effective use of Adobe Illustrator and its superb layout.

This project uses complicated mathematical equations, which are then translated into a built project.

Proposal for a tower in the air, with small pod-like accommodation units circling around it.

An eco-friendly building project model, utilizing solar and wind energy to produce electricity.

These are a few projects for the Marcus Oldham Convention Center [for the study and preservation of rural Australian culture].

This form is very rectilinear, and uses natural materials eg. blue stone and timber for its construction.

Another well built model, with a field in the middle. The smaller model on the left explains the building's construction methodology.

My friend's presentation panels.

A 'cute' presentation board with lots of little models

Somehow, models always look more sophisticated and elegant when they're small.

This model is 'da bomb'. This glass presentation 'tank' is at least 1m x 1m, and the quality of the model is superb.

An interesting proposal for a 'hospital for the healthy'. Also commended for the quality of its layout.

A floor plate model of the 'hospital for the healthy'.

The exhibition details are as follows:
110 A'Beckett St (Abaris Bldg)
open 17-25 Nov, from 11am-4pm.
Pls feel free to have a look if you're free. Cheers !



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