Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tsui Hua Lou food

Its an old restaurant chain in town that my grandparents used to take our family to whenever our relatives / friends came, or if there were occasions like Christmas or CNY dinner. Credits to Kelvin for his pics. If any of you come to Kuching, I may take you guys here if you request nicely :P

Cold dish - contains ham, baby octopus, squid, duck, chicken and some veg.

Fish lip soup. Doubt if there's any fish lip in there

One of the must haves -stirfried noodles in gravy with fish, veg, prawn, chicken and squid.

Brocolli with some unknown-stuff-in-the-middle [they sell it cheap here sometimes. 99cents for 2 stalks]

Fried prawn balls on right, pork spare ribs on left.

Most likely my grandparents will take me there again next year on New Year's eve, but who knows right? [awaits eagerly for the dinner invitation :p ]. Yummy !



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