Saturday, November 03, 2007

Bored at work

Was waiting for my boss to come back from lunch, so I took a few pics of my office.

Lunch - Half eaten teriyaki chicken

Breakfast - Vegiful cup of soup

Snapping an unsuspecting colleague at work

Looking towards meeting table

I sit at the red office chair

my boss's table

There's a glass partition separating my boss's computer and mine, allowing ease of supervision, aka no nonsense!

After office, I went to Borders at Melb Central, and flicked thru a book that reviews wine. The description sort of matched the wine which I bought on Wednesday.

Its an Italian version of the Moscato. The salesperson said the quality of the fruit may be better overseas compared to Australia. I am yet to taste this wine.

Looks tempting doesn't it? Wait till I chill it in the fridge, it'll look more awesome!

Thats all for today. Cheers!



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