Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thursday night dinners at Howard St

If you ever pass by Howard St on a Thursday evening, most probably my neighbour, Neil will be hosting his usual Thursday night dinners. Of course, everyone is invited -> this is sort of an advertisement on behalf :)

We usually start off with pasta, stewed veg and meat. But as the night progresses, it starts to get more interesting, for example...

1. Getting your hair cut by our resident Korean hairstylist, Jeff

2. Learning how to play the digeree doo

3. Seeing little curiosities on the dinner table

4. Celebrating birthdays

5. Shaking hands with the future PM of Malaysia

6. Preparing dessert

7. Babysitting

8. Taking group photos

9. And saying farewell to those who will be leaving Melbourne

So whenever you're in Melbourne and wonder what to do on a Thursday night, pls feel free to drop by. Cheers!

1 Comment:

Louis said...

Hey Brandon! the pictures look great! Thanks... I'm so encouraged to see everyone so excited about Thursday night dinners :)


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