Friday, November 30, 2007

Lunch at Pertutti's, Prahran

Looks like I'm really blowing my budget this week. Had a $10 pasta lunch today at Pertutti's on Chatham Street, very near to Coles and Safeway in Prahran.

This one looks interesting.

Each dish is served with garlic bred and cheese.

This one is mine - Fettuccine with chicken

After I reached home, something else greeted me - a spoilt oven. Things in our house always break down at the most 'convenient' times.

I had to resort to cook chicken in soy sauce with boiled cauliflower instead of my typical baked chicken.

Oh well, when you're hungry and desperate, all food tastes good anyway.

Oh yes, I wanted to enjoy some fresh air too, so I had dinner on the front steps of our house. For $5, this port is quite a good deal. Available from Aldi, Franklin St.

This sparkling chardonnay pinot noir was bought from Dan Murphy's near my workplace fr $8.


brandon said...

crescenet, please repost your comments in english, otherwise i will take down your comment and not be able to advertise you in my blogroll(basically i do not understand what you are saying). I will give you 2 days to do this. Thanks.


l y n n w e i said...

hey brandon!! fun!

guess u're having holidays now!

hows the weather? heard its' hot...

when will u be graduating?

Timothy said...

crescenet is a spambot. Feel free to delete it.

I see you have found the joys of Port. :D


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