Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Kolo mee

I miss kolo mee. I really do. Alas, there's nothing I can do to satisfy my craving, except just look at these pictures and drool over them.

This is a typical kolo mee with some veg, char siew and minced pork for Rm 2.20 (AUD 0.70)

Kenny Sia did a review of Kolo mee on his blog. My respects to him for elevating the status of Sarawak's most famous dish.

Not even the Singaporean Jia Xiang Kolo mee (on the left) can beat it. To my fellow Singaporeans, come to Kuching to get the real deal!

Kolo mee with wantan. Not my favourite, but its worth a try.

This one would have looked better with the red char siew.

Kolo mee @ Siang siang, Tabuan Jaya. My brother recommended it to me, and I haven't looked back since.

Tomato kwayteow

Authentic Sarawak laksa. I like to dip yu char kuay into the curry after I've finished my noodles.

Bidin with belacan. I just love this veg !

Mee sapi (beef noodles) @ open air market

So much stuff here ! Char siew pau, pork buns, sio bee, white lady, soybean, i miss them all!

Maybe I should beg a kolo mee tauke to teach me the tricks of the trade. Then I'll come back here to Melbourne and set up my own stall.

1 Comment:

lynnx01 said...

Never would I miss kolo mee. But sarawak laksa, definitely!!


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