Thursday, November 08, 2007

What Aussies do in summer

Its a really nice, sunny day today, with a slight refreshing breeze.

What better way to spend it than at the park?

There're people everywhere...

Even on the benches !

I love large, dark cars like this Mercedes 4WD

...or this pumped up Holden (aussie's national car)

Why can't they make Protons this cool back home?!

Proton Chancellor - was expecting more out of a car with a name like this

Malaysians prefer small, cute cars, like this Satria...

...or Proton Savvy

Unfortunately, Proton's advertisements don't really help to promote car sales too, because they simply are (ahem) unattractive..
Like this...


...and this

Holden of course does a better job, like this...

and this...

My street

My house

My wine bottles :P. L-R, Pinot Noir 2005 (unopened), Gum Creek Sweet White and Sweet Red (from Aldi, recommended for sweet wine lovers), Brown Brothers Moscato 2007 (check my previous posts for the review)

1 Comment:

Lil Mis A said...

didn't know you were a wine fan!
i still say go hard liquor! =)


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