Sunday, November 25, 2007

Game Review - LOTR Battle for Middle Earth 2

If you've time and money, you should get your hands on this game: Lord of the Rings, Battle for Middle Earth 2 if you're a fan of LOTR. This is a real time strategy game released a year ago I think.

Main menu

You can customise your graphic settings here. I'm using a X1950Pro 256mb.

In this game, I'm playing Isengard vs. Men [Gondor]. Start off with a furnace to gather resources...

and place a uruk pit near the enemies' base. Immediately churn out a horde of Urukhais.

and equip them with the War Chant power. Grants +50% damage and armour.

Rush immediately and destroy their structures. The process will be very swift because of the 'war chant' power. I then take out their farm...


...and stable. Now they won't be able to spawn any units.

After this, retreat and spawn more units.

You can put the units into formations and stances [attack, balanced, and defensive]. The urukhais have a special ability to group together for +25% armour but -40% movement.

Take them for the final attack on their fortress...

... and voila - u've won !

This screen displays your points after the game. This game took 4:52 mins.



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