Saturday, November 03, 2007

Nice Saturday

Fuiyoh, what a full on day!

Woke up at 1pm, watched some episodes of Gunslinger Girl. Then I had pasta for lunch with the imported Moscato. Frankly, I wasn't as 'electrified' as this wine as the previous Brown Brothers Moscato unfortunately - its more 'bland'. So i'll give this 7/10.

The chilled bottle straight out of the fridge

Moscatos have very low levels of alcohol - 5.5%

The wine is of a pale straw colour. The bubbles are from the Co2 in mixed in the bottle for a bit of fizz.

At night, had dinner with 50 other ppl at Sofia's, Camberwell, a very famous Italian restaurant that serves mega huge portions. Its for one of my OCF friend's 40th birthday. The main dish is the 3 type pasta - u chose 3 types of pasta, and its heaped on a plate.

Seafood salad. Its mostly lettuce, tomato, and avocado served with shallots and fresh prawns, drizzled with a some mayonnaise.

Next is a seafood platter - fish nuggets, calamari rings and prawns

Happy 40th birthday Neil, May God bless u and give you a long life !



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