Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Subway fast food and Family Guy

I didn't know Malaysia has a Subway franchise until recently.

These are the Malaysian subway advertisements.

Subway should really get a new graphic designer to redo their adds. They look sooo boring !

Too bad Malaysians are missing on Subways with bacon in them; everything's halal back home.

In Melbourne, the menus are basically the same, its just that the Aussie branches have a breakfast component.

Subway US of course does a better job by using Family Guy, a popular culture cartoon series to promote their products. Its awesome !

Peter advertising the Subway Feast

Their other products also look very good, for example...

Steak and cheese

Meatball Marinara - Look at those meatballs !

Unfortunately, Peter Griffin isn't exactly a good model for promoting healthy eating because...

...his beer drinking habits are very famous...

and this is the effect of having too much beer...

Perhaps Subway should now change their advertising to this...

Say bye-bye to healthy eating - free beer with every Subway purchase! Now thats more like it!


youngyew said...

Ah, where are those franchises in Malaysia?

It's a shame that the Malaysian ads for subway look quite boring. They look dull here and the colour is quite wooden and brownish. :(

maria said...

I have never heard about Subway..Haha, sorry huh..but the burger looks nice..

Anonymous said...

Subway has standard advertising guidelines where the menu is the same whereever you go. Some places may have more (or less) depending on country and its local flavour. As for photography colour they look the same, perhaps the background colour makes it look "dull" to our eyes.
In M'sia itself majority of our local people do not, in general, eat sandwiches as a main meal, thus reason why Subway Msia does not probably engage in too much advertising costs. Food is halal so that our Muslim friends can go and eat them. Did you know that Nando's and KFC is halal In Ozzie?


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