Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Teachers and their blogs

Okay, its a bit late, but I only found out today that my Math teacher in Form 3 has a really (and i mean really) cool blog. The link is here. St Joe guys, remember to visit it yah!

Its such a good thing to remember teachers from the old times. Here are some pictures which she took.

Mr Lawrence(standing) - A tall, strict, gentlemen who demands nothing less than the best in the Queen's English. He punishes his students in an unforgettable manner - by pinching their asses. I respect him very much for the authority he exerts during his classes.

Pn Ang(sitting extreme right) - Our History teacher in Form 2. Unfortunately, I regret not enjoying her classes very much. We nicknamed here the 'duck' - I shall not discuss the reasons here.

seated 2nd fr right - My english teacher in form 2. A nice bubbly personality.
seated 3rd fr right - My Kemahiran Hidup (living skills) teacher. Too bad we didn't have cooking classes in school back then.

My favourite moral teacher, Pn Josephine with her adorable kids, attending the launch of John Lee's book, Great by 24. I failed a class test once (got below the required mark), so a bunch of us were required to clean up the school store, which was filled with lizard sh*t and dust. After that I never neglected moral ever again! I still visit her place every year during Chinese New Year; she loves to hear how her students have been doing after they leave school.

Its been 5 years since I've left St Joe, and[sob], the nostalgia! Wished I was 17 again.


@lv1nX said...

nice one brandon, certainly brings back memories... lol.. did u forget some of our teacher's name... shame on you.... :P

X'tina said...

WOW..not bad you still remember all your teachers' names.
You too has a nice blog here. From your blog, I can see that you really really miss Sarawakian food hor..Wan me to send some over by Poslaju kah? lol.
Take care and all the best of the best.
Regards, chris

IcEQeUb3z said...

I miss Pn Jo!!



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