Saturday, November 17, 2007

The burgers are better at Hungry Jack's

I was busy looking for some lunch yesterday near my workplace.

The view of Commercial Rd in front of my work place

View of Chapel St. The tall building with the green dome is directly opposite my office.

Even liquor companies like Smirnoff like to decorate their cars. How cool.

After walking for ages, I finally settled for Hungry Jack's burger meal.

The cheese burger meal comes with regular fries, regular softdrink, double cheese burger, and ice cream for $6

This is the double cheese burger that I had. Doesn't look too appetizing though.

I only think the burgers look better on Hungry Jack's brochures.

The cookies and cream icecream was not bad.

People were queuing up at the counter

I do not understand why they post up pictures of 70s, and 80s pop stars. Maybe they should get better posters.

1 Comment:

Lil Mis A said...

woah that is really close to my place there. There is actually a burger place a block south (past High St) Its called 'Grilled' my friends love the burgers.


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