Friday, December 25, 2009

At the stroke of midnight

Woke up to a cloudy day. The Bureau of Meteorology predicted some rain, but I didn't expect it to be this heavy.

Got my first Christmas gift today: a devotional book titled ''Streams in the Desert for Graduates". Its a pretty good read I must say, even though I can say I have hardly read at all this year.

Its amazing how the author of this book, L.B. Cowman still found the strength to  move on even though he and his family were dealing with a number of changes in their lives, including the sale of a business they had owned for 20 years, their eldest son leaving home to join the Navy, and their second son leaving for college and having a massive brain hemorrhage thereafter. The next month, his mom had to have emergency surgery and was hospitalized for 30 days, while his wife and daughter were in a car crash and suffered whiplash. No matter how much we complain about life, I guess there are still some other folks in this world who're having it worse than us.

About 630pm, I arrived at church for the Christmas service. The Christmas songs were pretty cliche, like "Hark the Herald Angels Sing", but what's Christmas without them? After a lengthy sermon, the service ended and we proceeded to the back hall for some supper. It was pretty good; some pies, fruit salads, fried dimsims and brownies. Unfortunately my stomach was still feeling queasy, so I couldn't eat much.

Gave a friend a set of framed up pictures of Melbourne as a gift. I like them alot, and I hope she likes the gift, as I wouldn't have the opportunity to give her presents in a very long while. Another group of friends wanted to continue the celebrations by singing some carols, but I declined. Was walking home when the rain picked up again, and soaked my shorts and shoes. Bah !

Straightaway turned on MSN when I got home. A friend is busy working her ass off in the office when she could be out partying and enjoying herself. Another friend inquired if I was free for shutter theraphy tomorrow. I said I would be available, on condition that it wouldn't be raining. Hmmm.. here's something to keep me busy on Christmas day.

Had a long hot bath to release the stress in my tired muscles. Heard the pealing of the bells, probably from St Peter's Cathedral smack in the middle of the city. Put on Brooke Fraser's Scarlet in Windows Media Player.


Middle of nowhere
Finally you can breathe
Nobody knows your name
It's easier

Shut your eyes tightly
Clench your fists 'til they almost bleed
Cautiously, lightly
Gently expose what's underneath

And all you feel now
Is the scarlet in the day
Even if it's real
You can't stay...

So there you go
You're gone for good
There you go
You're gone for good

Your mind is swollen
From months of thought without release
They've taken their toll on you
This very moment
Of timid and fragile honesty
Is precious and rare and fleeting

And all you feel now
Is the scarlet in your day
Even it's real
You can't stay...

Its now officially midnight, 25th December 2009 in Melbourne. Once again, Merry Christmas everyone ~



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